What is mutual funds,mutual fund kiya hota hai

What is mutual funds,mutual fund kiya hota hai

What is Mutual Funds, Mutual Fund Kia Hota Hai

To many, mutual funds may seem complicated or frightening. I will try and make it easy for you at the lowest possible level. In fact, money raised by a large number of people (or investors) makes up a mutual fund. The fund is managed by a professional fund manager.

It is a fundraising trust for many investors who share the same investment goal. After that, it invests in equities, bonds, money market tools and / or other securities. Each investor has units, which represent a portion of the fund's assets. Revenue / profit from these accumulated investments is distributed equitably to investors after deducting certain expenses by calculating the value of the asset or NAV of the scheme. Simply put, a mutual fund is one of the best investment options for the average man, because it offers the option of investing in a multi-purpose, well-managed security basket.

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