Make money online
Make money online

Make money online...u can make  money online.. Best way if u hv some money than invest in stock market.because now big chance to win.because all over world  stockmarket on life time low. Because of covid 19.Some stocks search.. Life time low.  Like company  background balance sheet of company.. Last five years loss and profit...   Company ceo name... So choose u r stock. And not for trading purpose like today buy and tomorrow sale... U hold stock long time minimum 6months..after 6months u can see big profit...and do compounding. During lockdown period search a best company and invest in business 📺 in u r country... Search on internet background of company analysis buy and sale. Like Morgan Stanley.if u can't search stock give money to mutual fund manager suggested u fund.u can choose a mutual funds online.u can check NV online of mutual fund. NV like u r profits and loses in mutual funds.

read bio graphy of Warren buffet wall street king.u can read in my blog.if u r in india u can read biography of rakeshjhunjhun wala on my blog in Hindi.indian Warren buffet.  u can see movies belong to wall street wolf of Wall Street  and manymore.

So if u hv some cash or fix deposit than gathered money.... Open a deemat account... u can learn my blog.... How to open deemat account. Start trading.

So best of luck and happy Sunday... Thanx for come on my blog...

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