Credit rating agency

Credit rating agency

credit rating agency is a company that assigns a borrower's credit rating. Basically, the basis for these types of ratings is the borrower's ability to repay the loan. In addition, it is possible to pay customer defaults and interest rates in a timely manner.
The credit rating agency determines the risk associated with investment companies. Therefore, it helps in making investment decisions. Also, the credit rating agency gives appropriate judgment about the ability of the company to meet its commitment.

Therefore, when the rating is high, it means that the lending opportunities are also very high. In addition, a credit rating helps the company in determining the eligibility of the loan to the borrower.

In addition, there are various factors that have led to the importance of credit agencies. One of them is the increased availability of default as a result of easier availability of finance.

The credit rating agency plays a very important role in financial markets. Analyze the credit risk of a government or corporate. For this purpose, various relevant information on the financial circumstances of the borrower is available. This is called credit rating.

This represents an opportunity for the borrower to fulfill its financial obligations. There are various credit rating agencies in India. The information of these agencies is given below.

CRISIL - India's credit rating agency and information services are limited
Crisil is a global company that provides research, rating and risk related consulting services. Crisil's main objective is to assess the quality of bonds, deposits, debentures, etc. These are evaluated when companies use these tools to raise debt capital.

Therefore, this rating helps the investor understand the credit risk associated with the company. Crisil's major shareholders are Standard & Powers. He is one of the leading credit agencies in India.

Sybil - Credit Information Bureau of India Limited.
Sibyl is one of the credit rating agencies in India. They also provide credit related information in India. TransUnion is a leading credit information agency in India. In addition, it is one of the largest collections of consumer information available worldwide.

In addition, it also includes members of major financial institutions, banks and NBFCs. Therefore, it maintains the credit score of businesses as well as individuals. Sibyl’s main goal is to collect the data available for all loans. These loans are taken by individuals from different banks.

ICRA - Investment Information and Credit Agency
ICRA Limited was founded in 1991 by investment and financial institutions. It is a professional investment information company that provides credit rating information. Additionally, Moody's Investor is the largest investor in ICRA. They are an internationally recognized rating agency.

The purpose of the ICRA  Credit rating agency  to provide guidance and information to individuals and organizations. In addition, it seeks to increase the ability of issuers and borrowers to access the capital and money markets. In addition, it helps regulators to promote transparency in financial markets.

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