GDP full form..what is gdp

GDP is a complete form. What is GDP?

Fitch estimates on Thursday reduced India's economic growth rate to 0.8 percent year-over-year. What is the current GDP for the current year 2020 to 21 due to a coronavirus outbreak and subsequent closure? In the Global Economic Outview, Fitch Ratings predicts that India Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth will decline 0.8% from April 2020 to March 2021 (FY21), from 4.9% in the financial year the previous. However, growth is expected to grow to 6.7% by 2021-22. Rating Financial Company forecasts consecutive quarterly or negative growth for the current financial year - (-) 0.2 percent for April-June and (-) 1 percent for July-September. It is expected to grow 1.4% in the last quarter of the 2020 calendar year compared to 4,4% in January-March. Fitch said the FY21 growth rate was driven largely by consumer spending dropped from 5.5 percent a year to just 0.3 percent in FY21 and a 3.5 percent contract on fixed investment.

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